Civil Engineering in Warrenton, VA

roadCivil engineering is all about overcoming challenges and obstacles through problem solving and consideration. DRH Engineers PLC leverages experience and technology to plan and execute civil engineering projects of all types, while remaining adaptable and agile as the project evolves. As a result, we’re well-known for cost-effective, comprehensive civil engineering in Warrenton, VA.

We approach every civil engineering opportunity from a multi-disciplined perspective, to ensure projects proceed smoothly, on time and within our client’s budget. The result is always an attractive, marketable, successful result.

Civil Engineering Experience

Our wide breadth of experience enables us to be an all-in-one civil engineer in Warrenton, VA, providing clients with all of the critical services and oversight needed to progress a project forward. Our experience includes all of the following in-demand projects:

  • Commercial Pad Site & Centers
  • Industrial Pad Sites
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Road & Street Design
  • Storm Drainage & Storm Water Management
  • Grading & Erosion Control
  • Water & Sewer Utilities

Solar Project

DRH Engineers provides structural evaluations of existing roofs to allow PV projects to be safely installed on industrial, commercial, and residential roofs.

We also design new structural systems for PV supports, including racking, canopies and roof structural enhancements. Additionally, we design piers, piles, footings, concrete pads, retaining walls and anchorage, along with seismic designs.

With our in-house expertise, DRH Engineers can provide the best, most cost-effective solution for new and retrofit designs.

DRH Engineers provides the following engineering services to the solar industry:

  • Designs tailored to your goals and budget
  • Site selection analysis
  • Solar – Commercial System Layout and Site Plan Design
  • Certification of permit document
  • Structural Evaluation of existing buildings to ascertain their ability to support new PV solar installations
  • Wind, Snow and Seismic Analyses
  • Foundation / Pier / Footing Designs
  • Load Demand Analysis
  • Structural Analysis and Designs for Solar PV ground mount and roof mount Installations